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Nick Griffith

I am the owner and operator of Second Chance Disc Designs. I am an avid disc golfer, having played for almost 20 years. I also love art. This business is a combination of both. Disc golf has grown exponentially over the last few years. It is an exciting time for this sport. I only hope to add to the success of the sport. 

In January 2021, my youngest daughter was born with a very rare condition. She spent her first night in this world away from her mother. The following weeks were spent in the NICU. There, she was cared for by a great team of doctors and nurses. Much to everyone's amazement, she fought through this. With routine monitoring she is thriving! Due to the unknowns after her delivery, my wife and I made a difficult decision. One of us would leave the work force to care for our daughter. My wife is a hospital employee. All of this happened during a pandemic, so I decided to leave my job to become a stay at home dad. This all lead to the creation of Second Chance Disc Designs!

I am excited to see new and used dyed discs on the course. We sell new discs, but our passion is giving used plastic a purpose again. 

We continue to help grow this sport by contributing to many fundraising and charity events. We have also sponsored our first junior player. @trinitybryantdiscgolf is an amazing up and coming junior. She finished 4th at the 2022 Junior World Championships. She competed in the under 18 division. Oh yeah, She was 15! I am super excited to see her grow in the sport.

Thank you for all the support! Believe in second chances. 

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